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Computer Crimes

The term Computer crime, also referred to as cybercrime, e-crime or hi-tech crime, represents unlawful activities involving computers as a target, venue or tool. With the advent and proliferation of the Internet, computer crimes have evolved from embezzlement and fraud to complex crimes involving hacking, identity theft, pornography, and sexual exploitation.

In 1985, the state of Texas passed a computer crimes law, which has since been amended several times, in keeping with the rapid evolution of computer technology. Some of the highlights of the law computer crime law are:

  • It is illegal to access someone else’s computer without consent or use their password to obtain personal or confidential information. Further, if a person benefits from accessing and obtaining information, they can be charged with a felony.
  • It is unlawful to intentionally damage or destroy a computer that is public property or the property of someone else.
  • it is illegal to introduce computer viruses or other computer contaminants.

Internet Crime

When the Internet is used as a tool or venue for unlawful activities, it is considered an Internet crime. Because the Internet is such a powerful medium of communication, reaching out to millions with the click of a mouse, many people take advantage of this in ways that are illegal. That the Internet also offers anonymity combined with sophisticated technology, makes committing Internet crimes easy and convenient. The Internet has now become a vast enterprise with varied unlawful activities in the form of Internet gambling, cyber stalking, child pornography, online schemes to obtain bank account information and more. While various ways of the policing the internet are being implemented and debated, the FBI along with other law enforcement groups are cracking down on pornography rings and sexual predators who use the internet for their own benefit.

Most Internet crimes are prosecuted as felonies, with substantial prison sentences. In addition, sex crimes committed through the Internet may result in life-long registration as a sex offender.

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computer & Internet Crimes

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