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When a person is arrested for a criminal offense, a record of the arrest is created and put on databases that law enforcement and in some cases, the public, may view. This record may show up on background checks related to employment, home rentals, etc. In many cases, these records may be eligible for expunction or non-disclosure, in which the criminal arrest history is either entirely erased or taken from records that are available to the public.

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The Texas code of criminal procedure provides that, anyone who has been placed under arrest for a felony or misdemeanor, has the right to have his or her record expunged in the following circumstances:

  1. The person was arrested and tried for an offense, but no indictment was presented or if the indictment was presented, it expired or was quashed due to misinformation/mistakes.
  2. The person arrested was released and the charges made did not result in a conviction.
  3. The person was found not guilty at trial.

Non-Disclosure of Criminal Records – Sealing of Criminal Records

If a person has been placed on deferred adjudication community supervision (probation) and completed the supervision resulting in a dismissal of the case, they may be able to erase the records from public view through non-disclosure filing. A non-disclosure will effectively make the records of the case disappear from public view.

Further, a non-disclosure may be available to people actually convicted of the offenses if the offense occurred after September 1, 2016 and they have no other criminal record.

When the order of an expunction becomes final, the release of any records and files is prohibited, for any purpose, and the person whose records are in question, is not obligated to reveal that such a record existed.

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