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Juvenile crimes are those crimes committed by a person not legally considered an adult. While this age may vary depending on the state, most consider a juvenile to be 18 years of age or younger. Some states such as New York and Connecticut, however, consider a juvenile to be someone who is 16 and younger. The state of Texas falls somewhere in between, recognizing a juvenile to be someone who is age 17 and younger. There is also a lower age limit that all states specify, in which children under the ages of 10 and under are not considered a juvenile, as they lack the capacity to have criminal intent. Even in cases of juvenile crime, it is often thought that minors do not have the full ability to tell right from wrong. For this reason, different rules often come into play when a juvenile offender is charged with a crime. Juvenile crimes run the gamut of criminal offenses including drugs possession, shoplifting, robbery, rape, stealing, arson, traffic violations, weapons charges, and even murder.

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In the state of Texas, a child can be charged with a felony or misdemeanor, just like an adult. A juvenile offender can also be charged for crimes based on his age such as truancy. However, juvenile crimes, unlike adult criminal cases, are handled in civil proceedings. Texas juvenile law is governed by “The Juvenile Justice Code” within the Texas family code. Punishments can range from detention, house arrest, treatment programs, to deferred sentencing as well as actual jail time.

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