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Murder refers to the intentional, unlawful killing of a person. It may also be referred to as a homicide, although other types of killing that may have occurred involuntarily also come under the homicide category. What distinguishes murder from other types of homicide is the ‘intent’ to kill. For that reason alone, a murder with intent is considered the most serious charge of all. There are different degrees of murder established by the law, which help define the seriousness of a murder charge. These degrees may vary from state to state. But in general, first degree murder refers to the willful, deliberate, and violent killing of a person, second degree murder refers to willful killings that are not necessarily pre-meditated, and third degree murder refers to all other types of killing.

Because the act of willful killing is so brutal, punishments for murder are severe and may include fines plus jail time, imprisonment for life (with or without parole), and even death by lethal injection. Of course several factors come into play when determining the punishment for a murder charge. If the defendant has any prior criminal convictions or special circumstances, it can greatly influence the outcome of his or her case.

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