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Property crime involves the taking of property or money by illegal means, without the owner’s permission. This category can be broken down further into different types of property crime such as:

  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Criminal Mischief

Depending on whether the property stolen was of lower or higher value, thefts are regarded by the State of Texas as misdemeanor or felony. Property valued between 1 and 2499 dollars is a misdemeanor in most cases. A person’s prior criminal history can enhance this to a felony. Property alleged stolen with a value of 2500 to 29,999, is a state jail felony. As value goes up, the level of felony offense goes up. If the value is 30,000 to 149,999, it is a third degree felony, from 150,000 to 299,000 a second degree and from from 300,000 and up a first degree. These theft crimes can be further enhanced based on other factors. For example, if the theft is by a public servant, or if the theft is from an elderly person, the level of the offense is raised. The values associated with these degrees differ from state to state. If someone has been accused of a property crime, the determining factor for charging the offender with a misdemeanor or felony is either based on the value of property stolen or the amount of property damage done.

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